Tons of fish in a polluted lake end up for sale in Lebanon

Updated on Saturday, May 1, 2021 – 21:01

The causes of the massive death of these species are unknown and the hypotheses range from a virus to the contamination of the water itself.

Dead fish floating in the Qaraoun lake, Lebanon.REUTERS Explosion Lebanon’s prime minister and three former ministers charged with the explosion in the port of Beirut

The Government of Lebanon warned this Saturday that at least part of the tons of fish that appeared floating in recent days on the banks of the polluted Qaraoun Lake, in the Bekaa Valley, have made their way to the country’s markets in a way. illegal.

“Some people have been known to sell these dead fish in violation of the laws and conditions of commitment to public safety“, warned the Ministry of Health in a statement, in which it called on consumers to refrain from eating fish of unknown origin.

In recent days, Lake Qaraoun, an artificial body of water measuring more than 10 square kilometers on the Litani River located in southeastern Lebanon, has received a lot of media attention after it spit out tons of carp of various sizes. , forming an endless gray cloud on its shores.

Although at the moment the causes of the massive death of these fish are unknown, with hypotheses ranging from a virus to the contamination of the lake itself, the ministry asked the population to inform the authorities of any symptoms suffered after consuming fish.

In this way, specialists will be able to study the reported cases and determine if they are related to the Lake Qaraoun disaster, according to the note, which does not provide details on the amount of fish that could have reached the markets or at what points in the country would be for sale.

The department also called on the different municipalities and the Consumer Protection Authority to “work to protect Lebanese markets of those who take advantage of an accident to obtain illegal benefits at the expense of the health of citizens “.

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