Top 10 iPadOS 14 features you should know

iPadOS 14 was presented last June within the framework of WWDC 2020. Although this time many of its improvements are the same that we have already seen in iOS 14 (Except for some changes regarding the home screen) The operating system for the iPad has a good dose of exclusive news.

New side and tool bars

Although iPadOS has not had as many new features as iOS has, it is worth mentioning that it has received improvements that deserve to be mentioned. Between them, now a greater number of apps like Photos, Music or Calendar implement a sidebar It offers an enhanced browsing experience, offering an experience closer to a desktop. Along with this new sidebar, a new toolbar also appears in some apps, offering in a single position options that were previously more hidden or distributed on the screen.

Drop-down menus are also updated

Along with the new toolbar and sidebar there is also an improvement to the drop-down menus within the apps, which now allow access to application tools at the touch of a button, speeding up its access and complementing the toolbar that we mentioned previously.

Search Enhancements

The “Search” interface has also been updated with iPadOS 14, and now offers a more spotlight-like experience for the Mac. The new search bar is more compact and responds with instant results from both apps and websites, as well as offering in-app results.


This new feature, possibly the best and most notable of iPadOS 14, offers us the possibility of expanding the use of Apple Pencil throughout the system. Apple pen users will now be able to write by hand in any text box on the system, transcribing the system as we write. This feature brings with it plenty of new options for using the Pencil, such as crossing out something to erase, freehand text selection, or recognizing hand-pointed phone numbers and addresses.


The improvements in “Notes” come hand in hand with other new features such as the new sidebars or Scribble. Now we can use smart selection for handwritten text, and copy notes written with the Apple Pencil to paste them in other destinations. Another important improvement is related with the drawing of shapes, which we can now do freehand and the system will perfect. In addition, if we write down email addresses or telephone numbers, if we click on them we will have the same options as when we type them with the keyboard.

New calling interface

Just like what happened in iOS 14 for the iPhone, Incoming call interface on iPad has also been redesigned on iPadOS 14. Now, instead of a full screen interface, a balloon will emerge from the top when they are calling us, preventing us from being interrupted and being as invasive as before.

Siri compacts

As with the search bar and the call interface, Siri receives a well-deserved redesign, now only being an animated sphere at the bottom right of the screen. While we invoke it we can continue using the system in the same way that happens in macOS, however, once it offers us results we can only navigate through the Siri dropdown until we close it.


iOS and iPadOS 14 have been good for Safari, which now implements privacy news like website crawl detection. It also has a new translator within the app itself, which prevents us from having to use any extension, allows us to see tab previews and finally accepts the Favicons from the different websites through which we browse.

Apple music

Apple Music receives news such as the mentioned sidebar that we mentioned at the beginning of the article, but also, it also has a new appearance when displaying the lyrics of the songs that we listen to, replacing the floating window of iPadOS 13 by one full screen display.

New pop-up menu for Emojis

For those who like to use a physical keyboard on their iPad, now they will have much easier the use of emojis thanks to a new pop-up menu. Unfortunately, the search for emojis that iOS 14 has not reached the iPad yet.

All of these new features can be enjoyed now if you’re subscribed to Apple’s public beta program. If you are not yet, take a look at this article in which we tell you everything you should know about it, and be one of the first to enjoy all the news on iPadOS 14.