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Just a few days ago, we were wondering “when is integrated graphics good enough?” Basically, the bottom line was that we could force some of the most popular titles to perform on our computer. Still, if you’re having trouble running any of them, you could take a look at the next review of the 5 best PC games 2020 what do not need graphics card.

Of course, we all know that 2020 has been quite a special year. Despite the constant release of new and fantastic hardware to add to our PC, many of the users have not wanted or have not been able to invest money this year in their equipment. Therefore, these video games are going to give you many hours of satisfaction, even when you don’t have a dedicated graphics card. And that is something that is appreciated.

games 2020 graphics card 2games 2020 graphics card 2

5 PC games 2020 that don’t need a graphics card


Even when it doesn’t require a graphics card, Hades has been considered by many gamers as one of the great games of the year that just ended. With fights that almost always end in the death of its participants, varied weapons and power-ups, you will never get bored with this proposal.

However, the most interesting thing about the title are the characters. We could focus on the main protagonist, Zagreus. Or his father, Hades. Not to mention the many other gods, goddesses, and other actors.

Yes, your grace

There are many games where you can step into the shoes of a medieval fantasy hero. In most of them, you have to save or kill the king, the arguments do not usually vary much. That is why we value that in Yes, Your Grace, we ourselves must embody the monarch, who must take care of all the needs of the people. You will have to learn to manage the egos of the royal family, hire trusted people, and much more.

The most attractive thing is that each of our decisions will have a decisive impact on the future of the games, so you have to be absolutely careful every time you have two options at hand.

games 2020 graphics card 3games 2020 graphics card 3

Exit the Gungeon

If Enter the Gungeon already had a very good acceptance by the players, this sequel changes the original perspective of the game a bit, betting on side scrolling shooting.

The difficulty? You will have to demonstrate an enormous ability to react under pressure to obstacles.


The Czech company Amanita Design, which has just achieved international recognition with proposals such as Machinarium and Samarost, is now trying another title that relies heavily on the atmospheric.

We are talking about a puzzle platform, as is the case with Creaks, although unconventional if we compare it with others. Generally speaking, we will have to descend into a world as strange as it is disturbing, where birds and demons reign that wait hidden for our neglect.

Undoubtedly, its main strength is the elements drawn and painted by hand, which give it a unique touch.

games 2020 graphics card 4games 2020 graphics card 4

Fae Tactics

And we conclude with this turn-based strategy RPG that pays tribute to the greats of the genre, although with some more modern details, such as the interface that combines very well actions on the menus and controllers.

Some even find certain nuances of Pokémon within the fun configuration. This, because we can invoke the creatures that we have defeated, if we need them when it comes to defeating the enemies.

And, if it seems important to you, you should know that it is a long game, which will not run out after a couple of hours.

As you can see, there are several interesting options when it comes to PC games that don’t need a graphics card. Anyway, you can always look for some of the best graphics cards (GPUs) of 2020.

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