Total out of control! Wolverine transforms into a Saiyan in this incredible crossover between the X-Men and Dragon Ball

Let’s close everything. an amazing crossover has created the most powerful character in the entire universe. An illustrator, one of those talented ones that we always find on social networks and the Internet, combined the strongest character of the X-Men with the Saiyan race from Dragon Ball Z.

This is how we have the unprecedented Wolverine, who maintains the same abilities that the mutant gene gave him, with those of a warrior from the planet Vegita. Yes, Logan as a Saiyan: who could against him?

according to review Spaghetti Code, the work of art that we will present to you below was made by Thomas Matheus Rodrigues (@tmatheus7 on Instagram). His ingenious designs have earned him nearly 43,000 followers on the Meta social network.

Its design has the typical characteristics of Logan: the three claws that come out of each hand; short stature, Caucasian skin; rather pronounced muscles and hairstyle characteristic of the Marvel character.

But also, you saw him with the armor that the Saiyans wear when they were part of Frieza’s army.

Imagine a warrior with the strength and capabilities of a Saiyan, who regenerates immediately when you hurt him. Let’s hope this Saiyan Wolverine fights for the good team, otherwise we’d be completely lost.

Wolverine is going to debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Hugh Jackman is going to play him in the Deadpool 3 tape, which has a release date of September 2024.