Tour de France 2020: Stage 10 of the Tour de France live: Ile d’Oleron – Ile de Re

Tour de France 2020 Cyclists are back on the road after the rest day and PCR tests

The Isle of Oleron and the Isle of Re, protagonists in stage 10 of the Tour de France. @letour

That is the great news we discussed. Not without forgetting that five positives have been detected in the Tour: the race director and four staff members from various teams. All the cyclists have tested negative, in addition, no two positives have coincided in any structure, so all the runners remain in the race. Now we can only wish a good recovery to those infected by covid 19 and encourage the public to maintain security measures. We do not want some cyclist to have to say goodbye to the race for other reasons.

GOOD AFTERNOON EVERYONE. Good no, great! And it is that today we have received the best news that they could give us in the world of cycling. With it, all available cyclists have taken the start of stage 10 of the Tour de France.