Towards the sanction of Turkey by the European Union? – .

The EU says it is ready to sanction Turkey… The reason? The continuation of “unilateral acts and hostile rhetoric”.

“We have reached out to Turkey”

This Friday 04 December, the President of the European Council, Charles Michel, said at a press conference: “we reached out to Turkey in October and our assessment is negative with the observation of the continuation of unilateral acts and hostile rhetoric “. In comments reported by the French press, he adds: “we will have a debate at the European summit on December 10 and we are ready to use the means at our disposal”, warning that “the game of cat and mouse “ must stop.

In October, theEuropean Union had sent an opening proposal to the Turkey, accompanied by a threat of sanctions if it does not stop some of its actions. Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, had warned that if Ankara continued his illegal actions, “we will use all the instruments at our disposal”.

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Poland and Germany

You should know that within theEuropean Union, unanimity is required for the implementation of sanctions. Yet theGermany has, until now, blocked their adoption because this country hopes to find an agreement for “develop a truly constructive relationship with Turkey.

Several European officials, for their part, assured the French Press that there will be decisions on the sidelines of the European summit, “but their magnitude has not yet been decided”. And also, it will be necessary to see which positions will adopt the Poland and theGermany.

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