Trafficker at full speed towards Mexico through Border Bridge

The Border Bridge that connects Miguel Alemán, Tamaulipas, with Roma, Texas was the scene of an event worthy of an action movie

| 03/12/2020 |
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Rome, Texas.- An alleged trafficker people, starred in a Border Patrol escape in Rome, Texas, chase which ended shortly after the trafficker burst over the International Bridge Miguel Aleman in the direction of Mexico.

After forcibly crossing with his truck the International Bridge that communicates to Miguel Aleman with Rome, Texas, the subject was detained by elements of the army belonging to the detachment of that crossing.

According to the United States media, it all started when, during the morning of this Wednesday, border patrol officers tried to arrest a trafficker of people after seeing him loading several migrants in his vehicle, moments after crossing the border with Mexico.

According to information from El Tejano, it was after that attempt to stop him that the subject stopped his vehicle at a private home, left the illegal migrants there and then rushed at full speed towards Mexican territory.

Shortly afterwards, through social networks, images of the truck began to circulate crossing through the customs of the aforementioned Border bridge.

Because the events occurred within a federal area, the government of Tamaulipas He states that he does not have any information about the violent events. However, it is expected that tomorrow, the detainee and alleged trafficker will be presented before a judge of Rome, Texas.

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