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Movistar + has published the official trailer for ‘Liberty‘is an authorial project by Urbizu cooked over low heat that will premiere on Friday, March 26, 2021 in two different formats:

– A 135-minute film in cinemas throughout Spain and distributed by A Contracorriente Films.
– A miniseries, consisting of 5 episodes of 50 minutes, on Movistar +.

XIX century. For 17 years, Luca la Llanera has been led to the gallows and pardoned at the last moment, but those days of confinement are finally going to end and she will be released. His son, Juan, was born in prison and does not know the world, nor does he know his father, the famous bandit Lagartijo.

Mother and son will try to live the freedom that for so many years has been denied to them while they are persecuted by gangs of bandits and gunmen of Governor Montejo. Lagartijo, Aceituno and the Governor look for the Llanera, but they also look for each other. In Spain at the beginning of the 19th century there is no room for everyone, much less for traitors.

Written by Enrique Urbizu, Miguel Barros and Michel Gaztambide, and directed by Urbizu himself, ‘Liberty‘is an original Movistar + project produced in collaboration with LaZona.

The cast is led by Bebe, Isak Frriz, Xabier Deive, Jorge Suquet, Sofa Oria and the young Jason Fernndez, also counting on the special collaborations of Pedro Casablanc and Luis Callejo.

Finally to mention that Mario de Benito is the author of the original soundtrack of ‘Liberty‘, edited by Movistar Sound. Musician and composer with more than 30 years of experience, who has two Goya nominations, one of them for the soundtrack of ‘There will be no peace for the wicked’ by Enrique Urbizu himself, for whom he has also signed the soundtrack of ‘The Box 507’.

The soundtrack of ‘Liberty‘is an orchestral music inspired by the time in which the series takes place, with sounds and additional instruments typical of 19th century Spain. It has been created to perfectly accompany the narrative and landscape of the series.

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