Trancas (Juan Ibáñez) and Josep Pedrerol, absent from their programs due to contact with a positive for coronavirus

‘El hormiguero’ continues its course after Christmas despite facing external challenges, such as the pandemic or the storm Filomena, which has left Madrid inaccessible in many places. But leaving the frost aside, the coronavirus is still the greatest evil we face every day And, this time, the program was very close to it.

Josep Pedrerol and Juan Ibáñez (Trancas), in quarantine due to contact with a positive

During the interview with Juan del Val, who attended the January 12 program as a guest to promote his novel, Pablo Motos gave way to the ants as usual. However, This time it was surprising that he only presented Barrancas, which was the only one who appeared from under the table to subject the interviewee to the characteristic challenges.

« Trancas has been in contact with a positive person and has self-confined« The presenter revealed to the audience. » So for a few days, Barrancas, you will be alone. « In this way, Pablo Motos explained the absence of Juan Ibáñez, the person in charge of Trancas, so Damián Mollá (Barrancas) will be in charge of the ants section until his partner’s quarantine ends.

Josep Pedrerol, also in quarantine

Juan Ibáñez was not the only face of Atresmedia who was absent from his job last Tuesday. Josep Pedrerol did not go to his appointments at ‘Jugones’ and ‘El Chiringuito de Jugones’ because He was also quarantined for a contact with a person positive for coronavirus. « Yesterday I was having coffee with a person who has tested positive, » he explained in a connection from his home.

The presenter, who was replaced by Guillermo Moreno in ‘Jugones’ and by Quim Domènech in ‘El Chiringuito’, has to wait until next Thursday, the day on which a PCR is performed to know if it is positive or negative. In the event that the test was favorable, he would return to conducting the program.

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