Transfer and copy your iPhone data easily

Surely on more than one occasion you have had to face the transfer of data from one iPhone to another. Brand new device is usually a pleasure, but also it is usually a headache when transferring all our information from our old device to the new one. Luckily, to speed up this process we have applications like this that we have been fortunate to test these days.

EaseUS MobiMover is a practical solution to transfer data from one iPhone to another, as well as being able to do Backups from our device to the computer and transfer files between them. Do you want to know how it works? Keep reading.

EaseUS MobiMover – Managing your iPhone data has never been so easy

EaseUS MobiMover offers features like iPhone to iPhone, iPhone to Mac and vice versa downloads. In addition, it includes a practical option that allows us, just by copying the URL of a video on the internet, download it, encode it and transfer it to our device, all at the same time.

Its operation is very simple, just download the EaseUS MobiMover software on our Mac or PC, install it and we will have it ready to use.

A sidebar on our left will show us the different options available: a content manager, the different transfer possibilities and the option to download videos. Once we connect our iPhone and grant the required permissions (automatically appear on the phone screen) we can start operating with the app.

Content manager

From the Content manager we can access all the files on our device as music or images, and we can select them individually (and very easily) to transfer them to the computer or delete them. Another option that we will have available is to add content, which like transferring from computer to phone will allow us to add content to the iPhone from the computer in a simple way.

File transfer: From iPhone to computer, from computer to iPhone and from iPhone to iPhone

With the file transfer between iPhone and Mac We can make a backup copy of all the information on our device. With just a couple of steps and a little wait, a copy of our files will have been made in the destination folder that we have selected.

If we choose the transfer from computer to iPhone, we will be able to select the files that we want to transfer to the iPhone in the file explorer, where simply by selecting them and pressing “Open” we will be able to transfer by pressing “Transfer”. EaseUS MobiMover is responsible for locating them in the corresponding folder, so the process, like us, will be very intuitive.

To finish, if what we want to do is copy all the files from one device to another, thanks to the free data transfers between iPhone from EaseUS MobiMover, we only have to choose the option of iPhone to iPhone, connect the two terminals to our computer and we can quickly copy the files of our choice from one to the other, in a simple and effective way.

Download videos

In addition to the management and transfer of files between the iPhone and the computer, another feature of this practical app is the possibility of downloading videos to your laptop from platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram or Dailymotion. In addition, we can choose whether we want it to be saved in a location on our computer or if directly in our terminal. Simply access the page of the video you want to download in your browser, copy its URL and paste it in the box that will appear on the screen, select the destination of the video once it is downloaded and click “Download”. In a matter of seconds, depending on your internet connection, you will have the video downloaded and ready to play on your iPhone or computer.

Do you want even more?

The EaseUS MobiMover software offers a lot of features, although it has a limit of 20 files transferred per day in its free version. If what you want is to have its full potential, for just € 37.95 you can get an annual Pro license like the one we have tried with which you will have:

If you are still looking for more services You can opt for the Tech version, which in addition to everything mentioned offers a license for several clients and a practical tool to unlock code-locked terminals. Do you love this app? You can buy a lifetime Pro license with permanent updates and a license for 3 computers for only € 77.95.

A very complete app

After trying EaseUS MobiMover we can say that it is a very practical app that fulfills what it promises, and offers a reliable and easy method of transferring and managing our files between mobile devices and computers. Although it is true that your transfer limit may not be enough for many, the payment option offers us a tool with many possibilities and without limitations that will allow us to always have our files safely.