Trump adrift: “liquidate” the head of the Pentagon via Twitter

Donald Trump seems not to have wanted to assume his electoral defeat. After his alleged “pucherazo” complaints, he continues to act as if he were in charge of the White House Administration. And his last “decision” has been to fire the Pentagon chief via social media.

It has been through his twitter account that Donald Trump has given the news of the dismissal of the Secretary of Defense, Mark Esper. The news of Esper’s dismissal is not entirely strange, since last June he had been unmarked from the decision on the deployment of the Army – without the approval of the States – to stand up to the protests in the streets against institutional racism. At that time he claimed to be against the “Insurrection Law”, something that positioned him in front of its president. Esper, in line with whoever was head of the Pentagon before him, Jim Mattis, that he considered that “militarizing the response” would establish a “false conflict between the military and civil society”, had already been in overtime since then.

However, the decision of Trump It has been surprising for two main reasons: to do it via Twitter and to immediately name Esper’s replacement.

«I am happy to announce that Christopher C. Miller, the highly respected National Antiterrorism Center will be the Acting Secretary of Defense with immediate effect, “said the Acting President.

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