Trump and the United States blacklist Xiaomi – Latest News, Breaking News, Top News Headlines

They had managed to fly under the radar.

The catalog of American blacklist brands has just been expanded, with Xiaomi as its latest addition.

Before being blocked by the United States, Huawei was heading to be the main mobile manufacturer in the world. Eventually they did, but it has been a difficult road.

In simple words, and if it comes to fruition such as with Huawei, US companies are totally prohibited from doing business with the brands on this list, so they cannot use Google’s Mobile Services or buy hardware for their phones. The block we are currently talking about for Xiaomi, for now, is investment.

The information comes from the . agency, where according to the document they had access to, from November 2021 this would take effect. All US investors should dump their assets from Xiaomi and Comac, which is the other big-name company to join (and 7 more).

We do not know if the next administration (Joe Biden) will reconsider these measures based on alleged espionage, or if the trade war will continue with dirty political demagogue tricks based on artificially expanding the local supply.

Without a doubt it is a strong blow, we must be careful to make it official.

UPDATE: It is already official, as can be seen in this Executive Order.

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