Trump asks his followers to avoid “violence”

15 minutes. The outgoing US president, Donald Trump, asked his followers not to incur “violence” or break the law in the coming days, given the multiple reports that point to new armed concentrations before the inauguration within a week of the president-elect, Joe Biden.

“Given the information about new demonstrations, I urge that there should be NO violence, NO law breaking, and NO vandalism of any kind,” Trump said in a statement released by the White House.

“That is not what I stand for, and it is not what the United States stands for. I ask ALL Americans to help defuse tensions and calm down. Thank you!”

The outgoing president’s brief statement came as the House of Representatives prepared to accuse him of “inciting” the insurrection of his supporters last week on Capitol Hill, forcing the Senate to subject Trump to a second impeachment trial. ).

Trump has sent mixed messages about his followers’ assault on Capitol Hill: During the attack, he described them as “very special people,” but later tried to distance himself from them and condemn the violence.

Armed protests

This Tuesday, Trump avoided assuming any kind of responsibility for what happened and defended as “totally appropriate” the speech he gave before the assault on the Capitol, in which he urged his followers to address Congress to prevent legislators from ratifying the victory of Biden.

He Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) warned that radical Trump supporters plan “armed protests” scheduled for January 16-20.

Extremist groups have also threatened a possible new assault on the Capitol or the headquarters of state Congresses.

Following the closure of thousands of their Twitter accounts and the blocking of Parler, they have started using networks such as Telegram and Signal.

Despite Trump’s call to avoid violence, some analysts believe the outgoing president has further emboldened extremists. Trump said Tuesday that the impeachment trial that is being prepared in Congress is generating a lot of “anger” in the country.

The violence of the past week has led to the maximum tightening of security in Washington. At least 20,000 members of the National Guard were activated.

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