Trump backs attempt to get Supreme Court to block Biden victory

15 minutes. Outgoing US President Donald Trump said Wednesday that he will intervene to support a petition for the US Supreme Court to block the victory in four key states of the country’s president-elect, Joe Biden.

The case, presented to the Supreme Court on Tuesday by the Texas Attorney General, Republican Ken Paxton, has very little prospect of success, as the highest court has already rejected at least one similar request to reverse the result in Pennsylvania.

“WE WILL INTERVENE in the case of Texas (and many other states). This is the most important case. Our country needs a victory,” tweeted Trump, refusing to acknowledge his defeat in last month’s election.

The Texas lawsuit seeks to prevent four states in which Biden won – Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin – from certifying the Democrat’s victory next Monday, when the Electoral College will meet to formally ratify the next president.

Texas’ argument is that the governors of those states allegedly used the Covid-19 pandemic as a “pretext” to change electoral rules and allow more voting by mail, an option chosen by millions of Americans.

These four states have a total of 62 votes in the Electoral College, so that if the Supreme Court were to position in favor of Paxton, the result of the elections could change, since Trump now accumulates 232 votes and Biden 306, above the 270 barrier needed to reach the White House.

However, the Supreme Court has already hinted that it is not willing to intervene in Trump’s defiance of the election result and his complaints without evidence of fraud, which have already been dismissed by dozens of courts.

Trump asks to go over results

The country’s highest court on Tuesday rejected a lawsuit filed by Trump’s allies to reverse the outcome in Pennsylvania, a blow to the outgoing president’s prospects.

The High Court is made up of three progressive and six conservative judges, three of them appointed by Trump.

In his tweet this Wednesday, current president It did not clarify how it would intervene in the case presented by Texas, and if it would do so through a motion of support presented by its electoral campaign or through the Department of Justice.

In addition to his legal strategy, the president is trying to influence local Republicans to invalidate the victory of the Democrat in their states by using legislatures in conservative hands, such as in Georgia, Michigan or Pennsylvania.

Trump asked Republican leaders in these states to bypass the results of the elections and for legislatures to directly assign delegates to the Electoral College, another route that will hardly bear fruit.

“Let’s see if anyone has the courage, be it the (state) legislatures or a Supreme Court justice, or several, to do what everyone in this country knows is right,” Trump said Tuesday during a ceremony at the White House. , in open recognition of their pressure to change the outcome of the elections.

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