Trump clings to illusory victory, embarrasses Republicans

In front of his white-hot supporters, the Republican tribune on Saturday evening engaged in a risky balancing act during a speech of nearly two hours. Denying Joe Biden’s victory, he shouted “fraud” in a “rigged” electoral system, while urging voters in Georgia to rally to elect two Republican Senate candidates. “We can fight for the presidency and fight to elect our two wonderful senators, and we can do it at the same time“, he assured Valdosta, accompanied by his wife Melania Trump.

Embarrassment among Republicans

His scrambled message, however, embarrasses Republican executives because it has already sowed doubt among some of his followers, who wonder if it is really worth voting in a “rigged” election.

However, the stakes are immense. On January 5, two Senate seats, now held by Republicans, will be played in Georgia in a double by-election. If they lose them, the upper house will come under the control of the Democrats, because with 50 seats against 50, the future vice-president Kamala Harris will be able, as provided by the Constitution, to vote to decide the equality. And Joe Biden, who will be invested on January 20, will therefore count on an entirely Democratic Congress to unfold his program.

But if the Republicans retain the majority, the future president will have to deal with a divided Congress, the Senate having in particular the power to block his nominations and his major bills. “If the other side manages to steal these two elections […], everything you hold dear will be gone “, thundered Donald Trump, alongside outgoing Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler.

Sower of discord

If he recently mentioned a possible new candidacy for the next presidential election, Donald Trump dedicated a good part of his speech to talk about the November 3 election. “I don’t wanna wait until 2024, I wanna go back three weeks“, he launched, half joking.

We did not lose“, he hammered with enthusiastic cries, despite the relentless results of the ballot box. Despite his accusations of fraud, the courts have rejected a myriad of legal actions presented by his team of lawyers across the United States In Georgia, the election result has already been certified, giving the victory to Joe Biden by a narrow lead of less than 13,000 votes.

He again sharply criticized Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, who was a Republican and an ex-ally, urging him to recheck the ballots and even invite one of his followers to run against Mr. . Kemp at the next electionwe.

A fan of the stands, he joked about this first meeting dedicated to other candidates. “I don’t like doing it for others […] It’s a lot of work, “he said before attacking the two Democratic candidates for the Senate from Georgia, described asextremists” and of “radicals“.

In the first round, David Perdue won more than 88,000 votes ahead of his Democratic rival Jon Ossoff, a former investigative journalist. A large margin but not enough to give him the more than 50% of the vote necessary to win in Georgia.

Kelly Loeffle for her part recorded more than 300,000 votes behind her rival, Raphael Warnock, pastor in the former church of Martin Luther King. But it suffered, in the first round, from competition from another Republican who won nearly a million votes.

On paper, the two Republican senators therefore leave victorious.

But with a now younger and more diverse electorate in Georgia, and Democrats galvanized by Joe Biden’s victory in that state that had not voted for a presidential candidate for their party since 1992, Democratic hopes are growing. Joe Biden also assured Friday that he would also campaign in Georgia, without giving a date.

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