Trump complied with the court order and reactivated the program for “dreamers”, DACA

15 minutes. The Donald Trump government complied with a court order on Monday urging it to reactivate the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program for undocumented youth. The beneficiaries are known as “dreamers” or “dreamers”.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) posted on its website a notice with the immediate consequences of reactivating the program. He did so in compliance with the order, issued Friday by federal judge Nicholas Garaufis.

“The DHS will comply with the order of Judge Garaufis while it remains in force“said the department on the web. However, it clarified that” DHS can request protection of the order.

In the notice, DHS also announced that as of this Monday it accepts both new applications and 2-year renewals. DACA was created during the term of the president, Barack Obama. The program enables undocumented youth who came to the United States (USA) as children to live and work legally without fear of deportation.

The context

Trump’s Secretary of Homeland Security, Chad wolf, approved a memorandum this summer rejecting new applications to the DACA program and reducing the extension to current recipients from 2 to one year.

Wolf approved this memo after, in June, the US Supreme Court decided to keep the program standing, shielding nearly 650,000 undocumented youth from deportation and dealing a massive setback for President Trump.

The memo quickly ran into lawsuits in court to reactivate DACA, which during Trump’s tenure he was the subject of numerous litigation.

Before his order to reactivate the program, Garaufis decided in November that Wolf took office illegally. In this sense, he invalidated all the provisions of the memorandum signed by him.

Additionally, the judge warned the Trump administration that it could not create its own laws and that its attacks were a “sad and inappropriate use of alleged executive authority to deny DACA recipients and those who are eligible the ability to exercise their rights. “.

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