Trump considers New York, Seattle and Portland “anarchist jurisdiction” for rejecting the dispatch of security forces and withdraws their funding

The Department of Justice of the Government of Donal trump declared yesterday Monday to New York City as an “anarchist jurisdiction”. And it was not the only one, since it also considers the cities of Seattle and Portland. It is a legal formula by which federal funding would be cut to these cities, which are governed by the Democratic Party and have been the main enclaves for protests that have taken place against police violence and racism.

These cities have in common having rejected the dispatch of troops from the US security forces and bodies to respond to citizen protests. A decision that Trump has considered a way to prevent fulfilling the established function, “putting in danger innocent citizens who deserve protection,” according to the attorney general William Barr.

For its part, the Democratic party has harshly criticized this decision, considering that it is an electoral measure, given the proximity of the elections that will take place on November 3.

In New York they have recognized a 177% increase in shootings during the month of July 2020 compared to the same month the previous year. However, the reasons for this increase are unknown.

De Blasio considers it to be “yet another political game by President Trump,” by denouncing that the president’s decision is not based on facts, “insults the people of New York and is an unconstitutional decision.”

In Seattle, there has been a 525% increase in crimes against people. Your mayor, Jenny Durkan, has affirmed that “the threats of the Trump administration on the withdrawal of funds for Seattle, Portland and New York are a flagrant absuo of federal power and blatantly illegal”.

In Portland, precisely the sending of bodies and federal security forces, against the decision of the mayor Ted wheeler, brought with it the increase in tension that was multiplied.

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