Trump facing historic “impeachment” a week after storming Capitol Hill

A week after the January 6 violence, which left five dead in Washington, a vote is scheduled for around 3 p.m. (8 p.m. GMT) on his indictment in the House of Representatives.

Backed by a large number of Democrats, who control the lower house, and with notable backing from a handful of Republicans, it should pass easily.

The 45th American president should thus become Wednesday the first in history to be twice indicted in Congress (“impeached”) in impeachment proceedings.

The tempestuous president was nevertheless still convinced on Tuesday that no one would rush his exit from the White House before the end of his term on January 20.

From Alamo, Texas, he tried to adopt a less aggressive posture than last week, referring to the time of “peace and quiet”. He also tried to reduce the procedure aimed at him to a maneuver by the Democrats, a new “witch hunt”.

His Vice President Mike Pence later permanently dismissed the other threat to his end of term, refusing to invoke the 25th Constitutional Amendment that would have allowed him to dismiss the outgoing president, declaring him unfit to serve. his function.

Despite this disqualification, the Democratic-majority House of Representatives approved a resolution, now symbolic, urging it to invoke this amendment.

But if the latter was only supported by a Republican, the act of “impeachment” could receive the accolade of more members of the “Grand Old Party”.

Already five had announced their support on Tuesday evening. Among them, Liz Cheney, one of the leaders of the Republican minority in the House and daughter of the former US vice president.

“None of this would have happened without the president,” she said in a vitriolic statement.

The powerful Democratic Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, has revealed the names of her team of “prosecutors”, who will be responsible for bringing the case to the Senate, with a Republican majority, for the impeachment trial.

Trump isolated

When he left Washington on Tuesday morning, Donald Trump denounced this procedure, deeming it “totally ridiculous” and claiming that it aroused “immense anger” across the United States.

And he still stubbornly refused to admit any responsibility in the assault on the Capitol, judging that his speech had been “quite appropriate”.

Despite his displayed confidence and the support of some very loyal elected officials, Donald Trump is more isolated than ever after a series of resignations from his government and scathing criticism.

YouTube temporarily suspended its channel on Tuesday evening and deleted a video claiming it was breaking its rules on incitement to violence. Twitter closed its account permanently last week.

According to the New York Times, Mitch McConnell, president of the Republican majority in the Senate, told his relatives that he viewed the impeachment initiated by the Democrats favorably, saying that it would help the Republican Party to turn definitively. the Trump page.

This skilful strategist, very influential, thus perhaps holds the key to the outcome of this historic procedure. Because a single public word could encourage Republican senators to condemn the 45th President of the United States.

Democrats will take control of the upper house on January 20 but will need the rallying of many Republicans to achieve the two-thirds majority needed for conviction.

The trial also risks hampering legislative action by Democrats at the start of the Biden presidency, by monopolizing sessions in the Senate.

Joe Biden will be sworn in under high guard on January 20, right on the steps of the Capitol, seat of the US Congress.

Criticized for having delayed, last Wednesday, to send the National Guard, the Pentagon this time authorized the deployment of 15,000 soldiers for the inauguration ceremony.

Originally mobilized to provide logistical support to the police, its members began carrying weapons late Tuesday, according to an . photographer.

“I am not afraid” despite the risks of new pro-Trump protests, Joe Biden said on Monday.

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