Trump loses. And the USA?

Trump has lost the elections, according to the vote count, to Joe Biden, who will be the next president of the United States of North America if there is no reversal in the results due to the judicial intervention, to which the current president is clinging, which Report irregularities.

Trump appears not to be content with his luck and will possibly fight. Your complaint of electoral fraud is very serious and if you do not prove it, it will look very bad in the history of your country. However, his presidency records the historical fact of not having started any warlike conflict and conversations, the first ones, with North Korea.

Trump has dared to stand up to the powerful media of his country, almost without exception, denouncing their arbitrariness and their connections with the establishment, against whose hypocrisy he continually attacks and which in 2016 he represented Hilary clinton. What has been lied to in the campaign “All against Trump”, which has been the dominant one in the European and North American media, will figure in the annals of bad journalism of the twenty-first century.

Why didn’t the media say anything The trade agreements with Canada and Mexico? And the trade agreement with South Korea? And the US agreements with Israel, Bahrain, and the UAE? Do they also remember to get Mexico to stop illegal immigration from the south and How did he fulfill it? What about 5G and the US position towards China, getting other countries to align themselves against this Asian trojan horse?

But, on the other hand, you just have to look back to remember the civil war in Syria, Assad’s relationship with Moscow, the Russian invasion of Ukraine … when Obama was president. Was it criticized by these same means? Of course not, and what about Obama did nothing. He was from the Democratic Party and had a perfect understanding with most progressive lobbies and the American left. The near future will tell what Biden does, if he does not leave soon, given his age, and is replaced by the extremist Kamala Harris.

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