Trump loses his biggest lender

15 minutes. Deutsche Bank, the bank most used in recent decades by Donald Trump, has decided that it will no longer do business with the outgoing president of the United States after the assault on the Capitol by his supporters, according to The New York Times (NYT).

The newspaper, which cites an anonymous source, points out that Deutsche Bank will not work with Trump or his company in the future, although it will still maintain a relationship for the next few years, as the tycoon’s company owes more than $ 300 million to the entity.

The bank has been Trump’s main source of credit for two decades, and at least some of its executives have publicly criticized the assault on Congress last week.

Signature Bank, another entity in which Trump has personal accounts with more than 5 million dollars and that helped him finance his golf course in Florida, has also decided to break relations with the outgoing president after this episode.

New York could turn its back on Trump

The mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, said Tuesday that his Administration is considering canceling the contracts with the company of outgoing US President Donald Trump, adding to an increasingly long list of organizations that seek to distance themselves from the tycoon after the assault on the Capitol by his supporters last week.

In his daily press conference, De Blasio said he has ordered his legal team to “review” all of the city’s contracts with the Trump Organization, which are generally related to tourism and account for some $ 17 million in revenue for the company. .

“The president incited a rebellion against the US government, clearly an unconstitutional act, and people died. It is unforgivable and our legal team is reviewing the options,” explained the mayor, who expects a resolution of the matter soon.

If its contracts are canceled, including those for the famous Wolman Rink ice rink in Central Park, the president’s city of birth will become the last entity to turn its back on him, attributing responsibility for the climate of tension in Washington .

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