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The outgoing president, Donald Trump, predicted on Tuesday an “absolute calamity” for the security and public health of the country if the president-elect, Joe Biden, reverses his immigration policies and does not continue to build the wall with Mexico.

In the last visit of his Presidency to the border wall, his star electoral promise, Trump defended his immigration policy and trusted Biden, who will come to power on the 20th, do not fulfill your commitment to reverse it.

“If our measures at the border are reversed, it will unleash a tidal wave of illegal immigration, a wave like we have never seen, and I can tell you that waves are already starting to come from a distance of 2,000 and 1,000 and 500 miles, we see it coming“Said Trump from the border town of Alamo (Texas).

“That will be an absolute calamity for national security, public safety and public health. It will destroy millions and millions of jobs and take thousands of innocent livesTrump added, in hyperbolic terms.

The outgoing president thus recovered his usual message that equates all undocumented immigrants with criminals, without nuances, and his argument that his policies to restrict asylum have made it possible to contain the spread of covid-19, despite the fact that his country is the one with the most infections and deaths in the world.

“We have areas of the border that are in very good shape, but on the other side, in Mexico, they are suffering a lot from the virus,” said the outgoing president.

That’s why Trump asked to keep in place a border order issued this year by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) due to the pandemic, and on which the country’s immigration agents now rely to send more than 90% of those who cross the border illegally to Mexico.

He also urged Biden to keep in place the “safe third country” agreements, which Trump has signed with Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador and which allow the US to deport refugees who arrive in its territory and have not requested asylum. in the first country they stepped on when leaving their home nation.

“How disastrous it would be if they were eliminated, I heard you are thinking about it. I hope they don’t, it would be an absolute nonsense for our country, ”Trump stressed.

Difficulties for Biden

In an interview in December, two Biden advisers said the president-elect it will work to “quickly annul” those agreements with the countries of the northern triangle of Central America.

Those Biden advisers – national policy and national security, Susan Rice and Jake Sullivan, respectively – warned, however, that the president-elect will take “months” to remove the asylum restrictions created by Trump, and hinted that he will not immediately withdraw the CDC measure that allows express deportations due to the pandemic.

Biden himself later acknowledged that he is not going to stop “immediately the (system of) access to asylum as it is carried out now”, because that would lead to an avalanche of “2 million people to the border.”

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