Trump sinks the reputation of the US in Spain and Europe

Donald Trump has sunk America’s reputation in Europe, according to the public opinion poll of the independent entity Pew Research, which shows that the perception of the world giant has fallen to about unimaginable levels before the arrival to the White House of its current president.

Trump has done so much damage to the reputation of the United States that, according to this survey, the management of the pandemic has international trust dragged to the ground, since the American president has fewer supporters in the West than the presidents of Russia and China.

The Pew Research poll shows that 20 years ago the favorable opinion was in the United Kingdom, 83% of the adults surveyed, in this latest study they were a minority of 41%.

For its part, in France it has also been reduced by half and currently does not exceed 31%, while in Germany it remains at 26%.

In the case of Spain, except in the case of Vox voters, it also does not exceed 40% and when it is customized in Trump is no more than 16%.

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