Trump spoke more with North Korea than with Europeans, deplores Charles Michel

“The last few years have damaged the relationship between Europe and the United States. Unfortunately, this is not a joke, the previous president spoke more with North Korea than with Europeans,” said Charles Michel in “Le Grand Rendez-vous” from French radio Europe 1, the CNEWS channel and the daily Les Echos.

“I think that with Joe Biden we have the prospect of a more normal, more respectful dialogue. We also have the prospect, on several important projects for us, the climate for example, of having a strong objective alliance”, he continued.

“But at the same time, I am very realistic (…) The impact on the internal level of Donald Trump did not disappear with the taking of the oath of Joe Biden” on January 20, noted the President of the European Council .

Trade, the relationship with China as well “perhaps” as the regulation of large internet companies (“GAFA”) are “subjects for which we will not spontaneously have concordant positions”, pointed out Charles Michel.

“But there will be at least a space for a dialogue, for the exchange of arguments, for more common sense, for more rationality”, he estimated.

The EU has invited the new American president to an extraordinary European summit, which could be held in parallel with the NATO one. The dates still have to be fixed and will depend on the evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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