The government of President Donald Trump will “carefully” review the unemployment benefits that millions of people are receiving to alleviate the economic effects after losing their jobs due to the pandemic in the United States.

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnunchin hinted this week that the amounts could change as there are cases where a person is receiving more money through the grant than he was earning before.

“We need to correct the extensive unemployment insurance. We have to fix the imbalance in some cases, because in fact we are paying some people more than they earned. We need to fix this,” Mnunchin said in an interview with The Hill portal.

The senior official said that this issue will be analyzed “carefully” in the coming weeks, because this “particularity must be resolved.”

About 40 million people have lost their jobs since the pandemic began in the country and have applied for unemployment benefits, according to the latest official figures.

Mnuchin acknowledged on Thursday that there is a “great probability” that another fiscal stimulus package will be necessary given the gravity of the crisis unleashed by the coronavirus pandemic, but rejected the proposal of the Democratic opposition, assuring that it is convenient to wait “a few weeks” .

“I think there is a high probability that we will need another one, but we have just injected $ 3 trillion into the economy,” Mnuchin said in a virtual interview with The Hill newspaper, referring to the package approved in April, the largest in the history of States. United.

This says a recent scientific study on hydroxychloroquine, the drug President Trump takes to prevent coronavirus.