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It is the first act of the president after the assault on the Capitol, which left five dead

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USA- The outgoing US president, Donald trump, will travel on Tuesday to Texas to visit the construction work of the border wall with Mexico, amid the commotion that the country is experiencing after the assault on the Capitol last Wednesday by a mob of followers of the president, the White House reported this Sunday.

« President Trump will travel to Alamo, in Texas, Tuesday to mark the completion of more than 400 miles (640 kilometers) of border wall, a promise made, and a promise kept, and the efforts of your Administration to reform our failed immigration system, « said Judd Deere, one of the White House spokesmen in a brief statement.

It is the first act of the president after the assault on the Capitol, which left five dead.

Meanwhile the silence of Trump continues, whose accounts on Twitter and Facebook were suspended last Friday for « risk of inciting violence » after he described the attackers as « very special people. »

Two days after temporarily suspending the Twitter account of Trump, his favorite social network and main speaker, he did so permanently on Friday and thus deprived him of that tool, with which the outgoing president has issued more than 55,000 messages for more 11 years old and had 89 million followers.

In recent days, calls have increased for Trump’s resignation and the possible start of a new political trial against him less than two weeks after his term officially ends.

The Democratic opposition was joined by several Republicans, outraged by Trump’s behavior for haranguing his followers to march towards Congress after a political event in which he repeated his complaints, dismissed by the courts, of electoral fraud. (With information from agencies)

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