Trunks lets himself be dominated by Babidi’s evil power in this brutal fanart

Majin Vegeta gave us one of the most brutal fights in Dragon Ball Z, when he faced Goku with all his power. Both Saiyans who owed each other a rematch were able to measure themselves shoulder to shoulder with demonstrations of power that left us all surprised.

Although everything looked even, we didn’t know at the time that Goku was saving his strength so as not to shorten his stay on Earth. That mode of Vegeta, in which the magician Babidi was supposedly controlling his mind, was one of the most ruthless of the prince since his villain days.

Question that makes us wonder what would have happened if the evil magician had executed that control on another warrior. An illustrator, one of those great ones that we meet every day on social networks, imagined this scenario with Trunks from the future, as the main victim.

We know that canonically it is difficult for this to happen. At that time there was the kid Trunks. In any case, it could have happened in the alternative future of Vegeta’s son, in which we learned from Dragon Ball Super that Babidi and Dábura tried to wake up Majin Buu.

But let’s assume a scenario where the young Saiyan was overpowered by the mage’s evil instinct and transformed into ‘Majin Trunks’. The result, illustrated in a fanart made by deanbz_artIt’s that brutal.