Tsunade vs. Sakura: What is your favorite cosplay?

The time has come to define once and for all who has been the protagonist of Naruto with the best tributes in the world of cosplay, whether Tsunade or Sakura.

If you have followed us closely here at , you will have noticed that on more than one occasion we have shared endearing tributes around this franchise with sessions and artists of all styles.

Some of the works reviewed here are more revealing, suggestive or purposeful than others, but in each and every one of the cases they are pieces where the love and respect for the Masashi Kishimoto saga is more than evident.

However, it is inevitable to make comparisons and in this case we have decided to set up a meeting with four exemplary cosplay sessions that will help us define who had the best tribute.

This is, obviously, a purely subjective exercise, where we will review some sessions that in one way or another are worth keeping in mind, so the last word and decision, kind reader, is yours.

Naruto: Tsunade vs. Sakura dueling cosplay

Tsunade Senju, is the Fifth Hokage and the best Medical Ninja in this world. In the strict sense she is the mentor of Shizune, Sakura Haruno and Ino Yamanaka. Her presence has been ethereal and intermittent in the plot, but for the same reason it has generated great attraction among fans.

This is how in the first days of March of this 2023 we shared an impressive cosplay that came directly from the community of artists in Latin America.

the chilean artist @virtualwaifuwu, was responsible for giving us one of the most spectacular tributes to Tsunade emanating from the region:

for his part Ivy Lace Mace, A well-known artist in the Twitch community and already more than 2,600 followers on Instagram, she put together a haunting body paint tribute in honor of Sakura.

Sakura Haruno debuted in the manga in chapter 3 of Naruto, while in the anime she appeared directly in chapter 1. She is a medical ninja, a member of Team Kakashi and we could consider her the heaviest and most recurring female character in the saga. .

Hence this tribute is so impressive:

In counterpoint we have this tribute to Tsunade by Daryana Martynova, a content creator known on Instagram as voezacos.uwu and who put together an unforgettable, voluptuous and provocative session:

As a closing duel we have the tribute to Sakura from the Instagram artist heartundrbladewhich has more than 10,000 followers and gave us a much more casual waifu session:

In our personal conclusion, this duel has been won by a wide margin by Tsunade, with much more elaborate sessions and greater doses of visual impact.