Tunisia: two dead among 157 illegal immigrants who tried to reach Europe – .

Last weekend, around 157 migrants tried to reach Europe clandestinely from Tunisia, but the coast guard intercepted them in the Mediterranean.

A regional spokesperson for the Maritime National Guard in Tunisia stated that “Saturday, 54 illegal migrants were rescued”. Two people died, their corpses were discovered offshore, reports 20 minutes. These migrants are all men, three Syrians and the others all Tunisians.

In 2020, many people wanted to leave the Tunisia clandestinely. According to the High Commission for United Nations for refugees (UNHCR), around 12,000 Tunisians arrived in Italy. This year 2021, of the 3,800 migrants disembarked in Italy between January 1 and February 21, 1,000 arrived from Tunisia and 2,500 Libya.

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