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Did they miss us? Sure yes, but the wait is over because Tutti Frutti He is back and ready to break it this 2021 that we hope he treats us more kindly than last year and if not, Well at least we will always have music to make everything more enjoyable.

On this occasion and as if to get into rhythm,

we have music by Gustaf, Greentea Peng, Celeste, Bakar and many other artists. Don’t they sound familiar? Well, with more enthusiasm we recommend this episode then, because that’s what it’s about Tutti Frutti, to get closer to new music, different music, music that you will like.

2021 is starting to move and so are we, so follow us on our Instagram where we are always talking, just click here to go to our profile.

What if click here, you will go to all platforms where you can listen Tutti Frutti so you can do it on your platform. Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Deezer, etc etc. Again, it’s here.

Here we leave you the last episode and a little further down we leave you the playlist of toooodo what sounded the month of December in Tutti Frutti because yes, we also make playlists so you can enjoy the music that plays in the episodes.

Last episode:

Playlist for you to sing and dance:

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