TV : Antonio Resines charges against the deniers of the coronavirus in ‘laSexta Noche’: “To jail”

Antonio Resines made a brief appearance last Saturday, December 5 on ‘laSexta noche’, a program in which he was interviewed as a result of some statements he made about the deniers of the coronavirus pandemic. The actor reaffirmed himself live before the questions of the presenter, Iñaki López, Going to say that all those people should be in prison.

Antonio Resines Charges Against Coronavirus Deniers

« It’s a tiny percentage of people, but I asked them to stop doing bullshit, » Resines said of his message to the deniers. « We are going to try that this Christmas, instead of being with some friends, we stay at home with our families that nothing happens, nobody is going to die. But if the opposite happens, people are going to die, so we better stop « , also ruled on the measures for the Christmas holidays.

« You cannot allow people to go out without masks and make a massive demonstration. That, the government delegation or whoever corresponds, detain them all and put them in jail and stay there for a while « , loaded the winner of a Goya Award, who also praised the interventions in the program of the various experts in medicine and epidemiology, as well as Miguel Ángel Revilla, who he said had been « magnificent. »

« I’m going to broadcast live by getting the vaccine »

When asked by Iñaki López about the Covid-19 vaccine and if he would get it, the actor replied: « Yes, I have already met with Obama and with these people and I’m going to broadcast live by getting the vaccine … I don’t have the slightest doubt « he joked. « There are some that are short, » Resines continued. « The experts and epidemiologists have just said that it can be put on, because it is well tested. » « The other option is to clap it, to see if you understand: as Covid-19 catches you wrong, clap it « , he sentenced.

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