TV presenter had an accident in full transmission

Carlos Adyan


Carlos Adyan is host of “En Casa Con Telemundo”

Doing live television carries a high dose of adrenaline as all kinds of accidents can occur on camera in front of the eyes of millions of viewers attentive to what is happening on the small screen. We recently saw him with a presenter from the Telemundo network, he is the Young Carlos Adyan, in full transmission of the program he leads, called “En Casa Con Telemundo”, a daily variety magazine, which airs from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm: 00pm ET, where he is accompanied by journalist Ana Jurka.

In the video, Carlos reported how a group of misses in Thailand fell from a small suspension bridge over a fountain while taking photos of them. In the middle of the news, Adyan “drowned” and asked his partner Frederick Oldenburg to continue, and he, as a good professional, took up the news and everything continued as normal.

“Things that happen live. Talking about how the Thai women drowned and I was just as drowned. At least my partner Frederik could follow him ”, He wrote alongside a video of the precise moment he drowned while speaking. After a while, the young man was able to continue his work as part of the program without major problem.

Who is Carlos Adyan?

According to the Telemundo website, Carlos Adyan is a Puerto Rican journalist and presenter. He currently conducts En Casa with Telemundo with Ana Jurka and also works as a journalist for Suelta La Sopa.

This 24-year-old graduated from Florida International University where he studied journalism and political science. Carlos started on Telemundo as a traffic reporter in 2017 for the local Miami newscast Primera Édition, where he stayed for two years. Then Carlos served as host of the most watched entertainment program in South Florida, Acceso Total. Adyan also served as a reporter for Un Nuevo Día.

Adyan began his career at Caracol Radio where as an intern he obtained his daily radio space called What’s up Miami? Later he became the Miami correspondent for La W Radio, the most listened to station in Colombia. His first television job was as a reporter for TV Azteca for “Al Extremo.” Within months he made his international television debut on CNN en Español as a Showbiz collaborator at the age of 19.

Carlos has been the host of the Billboard awards rugs, Premios Tu Música Urbano and also covered the Rio 2016 Olympics. Carlos is currently the youngest television personality in the Hispanic media.

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