Twitter Blue arrives in Spain: price, improvements and more

Twitter Blue is now available in Spain. The subscription service that allows, among other things, to have the verification badge, has begun to be operational in the region early this Friday, at which time the aforementioned function has also been launched in other countries (Saudi Arabia, France, Italy, Germany and Portugal).

The advantages of subscribing to Twitter Blue are, for the moment, the following:

  • Being able to edit tweets up to 5 times within 30 minutes.
  • Set an NFT as your profile picture.
  • Being able to upload videos to 1080p.
  • Get a blue verified badge that, until a few months ago, was limited to publicly known accounts.

Looking ahead, the company ensures that subscribers to Twitter Blue will appear at the top both in searches and in mentions and responses. They’ll also see 50% fewer ads on the timeline, be able to post longer videos, and get priority access to new features.

The price of Twitter Blue in Spain is 8 euros per month. However, the company offers the possibility of making an annual payment with a saving of 12% compared to the monthly. The cost of the latter is 84 euros each year.

In case of contracting from iOS or Android, the monthly fee amounts to 11 euros. The reason behind the price difference is none other than the commissions that both Apple and Google charge developers for each payment made in an application published in their respective stores. Those who want to avoid this additional payment will have to carry out the process from the website.

Twitter Blue now allows you to have a verification badge

Twitter Blue conditions and prices

To get the blue verification badge associated with the subscription, Twitter indicates that you need to have verified a phone number associated with the account. Otherwise, the icon will not be activated even if the payment is completed. This measure was implemented to avoid massive identity thefts like those that occurred during the first days that the service was operational.

This blue badge coexists with two other new variants: a golden one, reserved for official company profiles; and another gray one, accessible only for government profiles.

And what happens to accounts verified before Twitter Blue? For now, they will keep their badge. However, Elon Musk hinted that these will probably be withdrawn at some point.

To find out if a verification is the result of Twitter Blue, if it is an old verified account or any other type of related information, just press or click on the badge. After that, a message will appear showing more information about it.