Two beautiful models recreate Temari and Shikamaru in this wonderful double cosplay

The world of cosplay once again pays tribute to two very important characters in the history of Naruto: Temari and Shikimaru Nara. This pair, who when they meet can’t stand each other, end up getting married.

Temari’s ability makes her stand out from many warriors in Naruto. She is an extremely analytical kunoichi with the ability to detect the weak points of her rival and immediately initiates a fight.

Her appearance is that of a young girl with blonde hair that she divides into four pigtails. Her face has a look of domineering rebellion that is exposed to a higher level when she hangs out with her husband, Shikamaru.

In fact, although there is always tension between the two and the same specialist in managing shadows is in love with Temari, it is the analytical kunoichi who has just taken the first step of inviting him on a date that, although it ends up being disastrous, we already know that in the end they end up getting married.

Temari and Shikamaru cosplay

The cosplay of this explosive couple is made by two beautiful models. Temari is played by Julia, whom we found on social networks as @Urano_o_Planetinha. While Shikamura is done by the content creator @tamiresmel_

Temari’s interpretation of the version when the warrior wears her light blue outfit with a white shell and a red belt. The blonde of her hair and the tights on her legs predominate.

While Shikamaru did it with his typical hairstyle of collected hair and a single ponytail. His clothing has his green vest with the red kanji on the back and black pants.