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Attacks on US facilities in Iraq have increased since the US killed powerful Iranian commander Qasem Soleimaní in January 2020.

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Baghdad.- Two Katiusha-type rockets hit this Monday in the vicinity of the embassy of U.S in Baghdad and a third in a nearby neighborhood without causing injury, after a similar attack on US interests in the north of the country last week left at least one dead and several injured.

The Information Office of the Iraqi Army reported in a statement the launch of the three missiles, two of which, he said, fell into the Green area from the city center, while the third did so in the nearby neighborhood of Al hareziya.

A source from the Ministry of the Interior who requested anonymity specified to Efe that the two projectiles that hit the fortified area where most of the foreign diplomatic legations and government buildings are located hit « on the outside of the city. embassy of U.S« .

According to the Army, the only damage caused by the rockets, whose launching platforms were later found in the southwest of the capital, were damage to four private vehicles.

This incident takes place a week after, on the 15th, a US soldier was injured and a contractor died in the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan, Erbil, after the impact of several « katiushas », three of them in the airport of the capital.

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Attacks on US facilities in Iraq have increased since U.S kill powerful Iranian commander Qasem Soleimaní in January 2020 through targeted bombardment in Baghdad, an action that was highly criticized by the Iraqi political forces and by the pro-Iranian militias in the country.

Today’s aggression comes less than two weeks before Pope Francis’ visit to the Arab country and at a time when political and religious authorities have called for calm and condemned any type of attack against foreign facilities.

In addition, the incident takes place after NATO announced last week that it will increase its training mission in the country from 500 to 4,000 troops at the request of the Iraqi government to expand the Alliance contingent and confront the Islamic State jihadist group.

Of the attacks against the « Green area« Little-known armed groups are routinely held responsible, but Washington directly accuses Kataib Hezbollah, an Iraqi militia financed directly by Iran that the US has classified as a terrorist organization.

This is the first attack so far this year, and in the previous one -on December 20- eight were launched. missiles that injured an Iraqi soldier and damaged the embassy American, which he described as low consideration.

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