Tyson Fury prepares to face Anthony Joshua running through the snow

Tyson fury He is preparing for his next fight, although he does not do it in a conventional way, but in the middle of the snow. The fighter intends to face Anthony Joshua, although there is still nothing concrete and the duel is in full negotiations.

Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao, in a file image.

“It is very cold. It is frozen. Go for a run and complete the first task of the day. Done. Positivity for January. Go for it guys, a good five mile run in the cold, as you can see. But you know what? There are no days off. They won’t catch me asleep, just like they could have done five years ago. Not anymore ”, he is seen saying in a video that he has published on his social networks, in which he labels ESPN among others.

‘El Rey Gitano’ declared a while ago that he plans to face Anthony Joshua “once everything is back to normal.” His intention is that the fight can be held with the public and not just be televised, so he trains until the global pandemic situation disappears.

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