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Germany has registered its worst death toll from covid-19 since the beginning of the pandemic, with nearly six hundred deaths in 24 hours. Meanwhile, movements around vaccines take place, from the step taken by Russia to see its second compound registered, until the arrival in Israel of the first vaccines to begin to be applied.


Germany registered its maximum number of deaths with or from covid in 24 hours on Wednesday, with 590, one hundred more than its previous limit, reported the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), a leading epidemiological center. In addition, the center reported 20,815 new coronavirus infections, 3,000 more than on Wednesday of last week, but below the maximum of 23,648 on November 20.

The German Government considers that the number of new daily cases has stabilized, but at a “too high” level. The total number of infected in Germany thus rises to 1,218,524, of which 19,932 have died. The RKI estimates that the number of people who have overcome the disease currently stands at around 902,100.

Given the difficulties to stop the spread of the coronavirus, several federal states have begun to implement new restrictions above the general agreed. Several regional leaders have already advocated a “harsh confinement” such as the one in the spring – with shops and schools closed – an option that has also been put on the table by Leopoldina, the German Academy of Sciences.


Russia has sent to the World Health Organization (WHO) the documentation of the second vaccine against covid-19 registered in the country, EpiVacCorona, announced today the health chief, Anna Popova.

The EpiVacCorona was developed in the Siberian scientific center Véktor, under the Russian Agency for Consumer Defense (Rospotrebnadzor), which Popova runs. According to its creators, the vaccine guarantees immunity for at least six months and can be administered several times.

Regarding the epidemic situation in the country, the head of Rospotrebnadzor stressed that the lethality of covid-19 in Russia is 1.7 percent, lower than the world average, which is 2.6 percent. In the last 24 hours in the country there were 26,190 cases of covid-19 and 559 deaths from this disease, according to the data provided by the health authorities.

Russia, which today accumulates more than 2.5 million confirmed positives, is the fourth country in the world after the United States, India and Brazil by number of infections.


Israel today received the first shipment of coronavirus vaccines from Pfizer and BioNTech (US and Germany), which will continue to arrive in the coming days and will begin to be applied in the coming weeks. This first shipment contains only about a thousand doses of the vaccine and, according to local media, represented a pilot test to ensure that the logistics of the transfer were safe and without complications.

Between tomorrow and the day after, another 500,000 doses are expected to arrive and another million next week. The vaccination campaign for the population will begin on the 20th and hospitals could begin to vaccinate medical personnel before that date, reported the Ministry of Health, which this week will decide the order of the groups that will receive it first.

In a speech today at Ben Gurion International Airport and in front of the DHL company refrigerated plane that brought the first doses to Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, however, that he will be the first to receive the vaccine in the country, “to set an example” to the rest of the citizens.


The United Arab Emirates (UAE) Ministry of Health and Prevention said today that it has registered the inactivated virus vaccine developed by pharmaceutical company Sinopharm and the Beijing Institute of Biological Products, which has shown “86% efficacy” against COVID. -19, reported the Emirati state agency WAM. The Health department noted that this vaccine, whose use was authorized for emergency use by health personnel in the Emirates in September, has presented an “86% efficacy” against the coronavirus.

According to the analyzes, the vaccine also has a “99% neutralizing antibody seroconversion rate and 100% effectiveness in preventing moderate and severe cases of the disease,” according to the note. The phase 3 clinical trials of this vaccine included 31,000 volunteers of 125 nationalities in the Emirates alone.

Sinopharm develops two different vaccines, both of inactivated virus: one with the Institute of Biological Products of Wuhan and another one with the Institute of Biological Products of Beijing.


A global analysis with more than three million cases of Covid-19 has found that men are almost three times more likely than women to be admitted to a hospital intensive care unit, and also have a higher risk of death from coronavirus, according to a study published today in Nature Communications.

The study maintains that the data studied so far reflect that there is “an increasing bias” in the severity of COVID-19 disease in male patients, although it cautions that this statement has not been validated in a large analysis. scale with world data.

The study, led by Kate Webb, from the University of Cape Town, South Africa, and Claire Deakin, from the University College London (UCL), consisted of a meta-analysis of 92 medical reports conducted between January and June 2020 and obtained from government websites and published literature.


The word “coronavirus” has been the most typed term in the most popular search engine on the internet (Google) and the one that has grown the most in the world. The most typed words by Internet users in the world have been, in this order: “coronavirus”, “election results”; “Kobe Bryant”; “zoom”; “IPL”; “India vs New Zealand”, “coronavirus update”; “coronavirus symptoms”; “Joe Biden”; and “google classroom”.

The data on the most searched terms has been released today by Google, which has pointed out that – amid the global pandemic caused by SARS-CoV-2 – Internet users’ queries have focused mostly on trying to know what was happening. occurring in relation to this health crisis.


Thailand will now admit travelers from any country in the world with a special visa that includes the condition of spending a 14-day quarantine in a hotel or hospital under surveillance as a measure against COVID-19, official sources confirmed this Wednesday.

Government deputy spokesperson Ratchada Thanadirek told Efe that the measure seeks to increase the number of visitors within the special program for long-stay tourists that began in October and until now was limited to countries considered “low risk.”

The measure has been taken to revive the tourism sector, which represents between 12 and 20 percent of the Thai economy. The arrival of foreign tourists fell by 71 percent between January and July this year in Thailand, with some 6.6 million travelers, and receipts fell by more than 70 percent to 332 million bat (10, 56 million dollars or 8.94 million euros) compared to the same period of 2019.


The cities of Porto and Lisbon will continue under a curfew with the new state of emergency that will apply from today until December 23, where 205 of the 278 Portuguese councils will have the duty of compulsory gathering from 23 to 5 hours on days of daily and from 1 to 5 hours on weekends. Lisbon and Porto have an incidence of 556 and 765 cases, respectively, for every one hundred thousand inhabitants in the last 15 days. The highest incidence of cases is registered in the north of the country,

Yesterday, it reported 81 deaths from coronavirus and 2,905 positives, so since the beginning of the pandemic it has added 5,122 deaths and 327,976 infected. Portugal will ease restrictions during Christmas so that families can reunite, but will close mobility between municipalities at the end of the year.

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