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Pokémon GO has given something to talk about for the good, but also for the bad because its proposal as an augmented reality game has been taken to the extreme by some players, which has resulted in accidents, illegal entry into private property and, unfortunately, deaths that have been related to the recklessness of users. Following that perspective, the mobile game has once again given something to talk about, this time in the United Kingdom and in the middle of the pandemic.

According to information from Nintendo Life, the police in Rochford, Essex, in England, have had to deal with Pokémon GO players in recent days, regardless of the new crisis that is being experienced by the new strain and COVID infections. 19, have taken to the streets in search of creatures violating the confinement order. The situation has been so desperate for the Rochford police that through their social networks they published the following message, later deleted: “While we were patrolling, our community police team spoke with several people in their 30s during the last week, who they seemed to feel that it is acceptable to go to certain public places within the district to hunt Pokémon. Yes, you read that correctly. If it is someone you know, please remind them of this information shared by our partners in the Rochford District Council. “

Pokémon GO is available on iOS and Android. In this link you will find all the information related to one of the most successful mobile games.

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