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In the case of the European Union, penalized imports only account for 13% of the total purchased from the United States and in the case of Spain, 5%.

Union of Unions of Farmers and Ranchers considers that the tariffs of the European Union to the United States could have been “more forceful” to have included almost minority products.

Specifically, Unión de Uniones has explained that in the Regulation that imposes tariff sanctions on the United States for the Boeing case, additional duties are applied to a total of 141 US products, of which 77 can be considered as agricultural or related to the sector. (agricultural products, prepared foods, alcoholic beverages or agricultural machinery among other products).

According to Datacomex data that the organization echoes, the European Union imports of these products, agricultural and non-agricultural, from the United States in 2019 amounted to 15,998 million euros (764 million euros in the case of Spain ), which represents 5.5% and 5.8% of the total value of imports from the United States, respectively.

In relation to agri-food, US agricultural products only account for 9% of the imports affected. Among those subject to sanction, those that are most imported into the European Union are rum, deveined tobacco, agricultural tractors, food preparations, sweet potatoes and peanuts, all with imports greater than 100 million euros in 2019.

In the case of Spain, according to the agrarian organization, the most imported agricultural products affected are agricultural tractors, various types of cheeses, peanuts and preparations for sauces, with imports above 5 million euros in 2019, each of them.

In the case of the European Union, penalized imports only account for 13% of the total purchased from the United States and in the case of Spain, 5%.

The organization considers that while the tariffs imposed by the United States in November 2019 “went to harm and attacked” large exports from the European Union to this country, such as olive oil, cheeses, wines or olives from table, those imposed by the European Union are against minority exports.

In Spain, the main agricultural sectors affected by the American tariffs imposed in November 2019 exported with a value of more than 600 million euros, while the total agricultural products from the United States affected by the new European Union tariffs that were imported to Spain, they do so for a value of only 69.9 million euros.

For this reason, Unión de Uniones has regretted that other products that are imported in greater volume and are “fierce competitors” with the respective local products, such as nuts, and especially almonds, have not been included in the list. or beef.

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