United States: 102-year-old American recovered from coronavirus twice – .

Angelina Friedman, 102, tested positive first in March and then in November, is a coronavirus survivor.

Twice affected by Covid-19

This hundred-year-old American lives in Westchester County, New York State. Angelina Friedman was hospitalized for a minor operation in March. She was contaminated with coronavirus in hospital with feverish symptoms and drops in temperature for a week.
A month later, the centenary tested negative at Covid-19. But, at the end of October, the symptoms reappeared: fever, cough. Then she tested positive for the coronavirus again last November 17, reports RTL.

Serious health problems

According to the testimonies of Joanne Merola, the daughter ofAngelina Friedman, collected by CNN, her mother has experienced serious health problems before.
The centenary was born on an Italian migrant boat en route to New York in 1918, and her mother died giving birth. Angelina survived the Spanish flu, internal bleeding and sepsis. Her husband died of cancer while she was a survivor.

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