The US Department of Commerce included 33 Chinese companies on an economic blacklist for human rights violations and military activities

The Department of Commerce The United States included 33 Chinese companies and institutions at a economic blacklist, arguing violations of human rights and military activities that put at risk the National security American.

The information was released through two communiqués that each addressed different activities that United States sentence.

The entities, based in China, Hong Kong and the Cayman Islands, represent a significant risk by supporting the acquisition of articles for military use in China, “says one of the documents.

In the first statement, the objective stated by the Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross is to ensure that American products and technologies are not used in activities that undermine the interests of the American nation.

The measure will prohibit the export, re-export or transfer in the country of the articles subject to the Export Administration Resolution to the entities that make up the blacklist.

In addition to various technology companies such as Beijing Cloudmind Technology Co. Ltd.This includes some Chinese agencies such as the Beijing Center for Computer Science Research, Harbin Engineering University and the Kunhai Innovation Research Institute (Yanjiao).

The human rights violations that the Commerce Department denounces in the second statement are repression, mass arbitrary arrests, forced labor, and strict surveillance with the use of high technology against Uyghur minorities, Kazakhs and other Muslim minority groups inhabiting the Uighur autonomous region of Xinjiang.

It is for these reasons that the Institute of Forensic Sciences of the Chinese Ministry of Public Security, along with other companies, are also blacklisted in the United States.

With information from Notimex