United States: first federal execution of a woman sentenced to death – .

Lisa Montgomery, 52, was sentenced to death for heinous crimes committed in 2004.

Last execution of a woman in 1953

Before Joe Biden came to power in United States, the Trump administration wanted to complete a series of thirteen executions this week.
The first federal execution of a woman, in nearly 70 years, took place thus, Tuesday January 12, formulates the newspaper The world. Indeed, the last execution of a woman had taken place on June 19, 1953. Ethel Rosenberg died in the electric chair in the prison of Sing Sing, in the State of New York. Along with her husband, Julius, she was accused of delivering nuclear secrets to the USSR.

The only woman sentenced to death since

Since that date, no woman had been put to death by the federal state. However, in 2019, Donald Trump ordered the resumption of executions thus putting an end to a moratorium in force since 2003.
Lisa montgomery, 52, was the only woman on federal death row in Texas. This woman is sentenced to death because of a particularly vile crime, committed in 2004, recalls the newspaper.

Back to the facts

While her tubes were tied, the condemned woman had made her companion believe that she was expecting a child. To justify her words, she approached Bobbie Jo Stinnett, a dog breeder, then 23 years old and eight months pregnant. After making him believe that she wanted to buy him a puppy, Lisa montgomery had murdered her by strangling her with a rope. She had subsequently gutted it with a kitchen knife, had taken the child she had brought home as her own, reports Le Monde.
Arrested, she was sentenced, unanimously by a federal jury, to death in 2008, and the child was returned to her father.

Execution scheduled for last December

After years of detention, his execution was scheduled for last December, but it was postponed because his lawyer was infected with Covid-19. Yet the Trump administration wanted to channel the 13 executions before President-elect Joe Biden takes office. The latter declared himself opposed to the death penalty and should put an end to all federal enforcement.

In the viewfinder

The case of Lisa montgomery has been particularly in the sights of the Trump administration. Thus, the 50-year-old was transferred from Texas in the federal prison of Terre Haute, in theIndiana, the only one to carry out federal capital executions.
His lawyers have cited different reasons for obtaining a lifesaving stay. The mental state of the condemned woman, the sexual abuse suffered in her childhood, and her mother, an alcoholic, forced her to prostitute herself for “pay the bills“,… Were so quoted.
In the hope of securing a pardon from D. Trump, the defense team felt that the president had “the power to send a message to the thousands of women who were victims of rape and human trafficking as children, that their pain matters, that they matter, and that their lives are valuableHowever, the community where the victim was from continued to demand his execution.

The 6 judges have removed the obstacles to execution

On Monday January 11, Judge James Hanlon of the Southern District of Indiana granted the 50-year-old a reprieve. However, before its execution, the decisions of the intermediate judges leading to a stay were lifted, one by one, by the Federal Ministry of Justice. The last appeal was filed on the office of the Supreme Court after 10 p.m., but the six conservative judges of the Supreme Court removed all obstacles to the execution of the convict. Lisa montgomery was pronounced dead by injection at 1:31 a.m.

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