United States: J. Biden asks Dr Fauci to stay in the Covid-19 team – .

“I asked him to stay in the role he has played for many presidents, and to be my main medical adviser and to be part of the Covid team,” Joe Biden said on Thursday (December 3rd) on CNN.

“We do not change a man respected by all”

Sure CNN, Joe biden announced that he asked the immunologist Anthony Fauci to remain in the team responsible for the crisis Covid-19 to the White House.

According to president elect, “you do not change a man respected by all”. The immunologist, who has already held his post seeing several presidents succeed one another, will therefore continue to be part of the medical team of the presidency.

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“Tired of hearing Fauci and all those idiots”

As a reminder, the Dr Fauci was cursed by Donald trump. In mid-October, the outgoing president launched: “People are fed up (hearing about) the Covid”. He then added: “People say, ‘Leave us alone!’. They’re sick of it. Tired of hearing Fauci and all those idiots. ‘
The current tenant of the White House has always minimized the seriousness of the coronavirus, which so far has claimed more than 275,000 victims in the United States. In one day, the results of the Covid-19 across the Atlantic, Thursday 210,000 new cases in one day.

“100 days wearing a mask, not forever”

During his intervention on CNN, Joe biden also said he would ask Americans to wear a mask every day for the first 100 days of his tenure.
The Past President highlighted : “100 days wearing a mask, not forever. And I think we’ll see a significant reduction (in infections) “.

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