United States: political ads suspended by Google – .

After the violence on Capitol Hill, the digital giants in the United States are taking all the necessary measures before the inauguration of Joe Biden.

A risk of calls to violence

Tensions rise to United States after the violence perpetrated by supporters of D. Trump on Capitol Hill. In order not to aggravate the situation, Google decided to pause political advertising for several days.
Since this invasion, the digital giants have taken measures, some of which are drastic and unprecedented, notes Europe 1. Google made this decision because the risk of calls for violence during the inauguration of future US President Joe Biden is increased.

All suspended ads

A spokesperson for Google indicated that online research is included in this measure. “All announcements referring to the indictment (of outgoing President Donald Trump, editor’s note), the inauguration or the Capitol demonstrations“, will also be affected.
The channel recalls that the YouTube platform has already suspended Donald Trump’s channel for a week.
In an online forum organized by theagency . Wednesday, Sundar pichai, the boss of Google, announced that the events of the last week were “chilling to watch“.

Other measures

Several other entities have anticipated the inauguration of the new President of the United States, Joe Biden. Indeed, the mayor of Washington as well as the governors of Maryland and of Virginia, asked the Americans to avoid any travel to the capital for next week.
Otherwise, Airbnb, (a paid community housing rental platform service), has canceled all reservations, scheduled for Washington. All these measures demonstrate that the giants of technology have decided not to facilitate possible excesses and violence during the inauguration of future US President Joe Biden.

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