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Son confesses to fatally stabbing his father during Zoom’s call. A Long Island man suspected of fatally stabbing his father in a live Zoom call confessed to the murder captured on camera after police found him trying to wash blood from his body, prosecutors said Friday.

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Thomas Scully-Powers, 32, was indicted on video and ordered his imprisonment without bail after pleading not guilty to a murder charge in Thursday’s attack that left Dwight Powers, 72, almost beheaded while the horrified participants of the call were rushing to dial 911.

District Attorney Tim Sini said Scully-Powers told police that he stabbed his father about 15 times and that he used several knives because the blades kept folding. The autopsy showed Powers had multiple stab wounds to his back, neck, and torso, and police found multiple knives at the scene.

“According to the defendant’s own confessions, he brutally stabbed his own father repeatedly until he was certain that he was dead,” Sini said, calling it a “shocking and disturbing” case.

Scully-Powers attorney Jon Manley said they were only able to speak about five minutes before Friday’s appearance and that it would be premature for him to comment on the case. If convicted, you face a maximum sentence of 25 years or life in prison.

Prosecutors say Scully-Powers attacked his father around noon Thursday in his Amityville apartment as the older man sat down for a Zoom video meeting, hitting him before returning to the room with a knife. That caused one of the 20 people in the meeting to call 911.

These virtual meetings have become ubiquitous during the coronavirus pandemic, allowing people to see and talk to each other in groups without the risk of physical proximity. Because many meetings are taped as they unfold, there is a possibility that prosecutors may obtain video of the attack that is taking place.

After an apparent cleanup attempt, Scully-Powers jumped out of a second-story window and fled on foot when police officers arrived, prosecutors said. A mop and bucket were found in the bathroom and a sheet saturated with blood was found in a garbage bag.

Scully-Powers then ran to a deli, stole several bottles of Dr. Pepper, and tried to use the soda to wash the blood from her body, prosecutors said.

Amityville Village police detained Scully-Powers within an hour of the murder, one mile from the apartment. He was treated in a hospital for the injuries from his jump. Translated with the free version of DeepL Translator.