United States: the white policeman, having killed an unarmed African-American, sacked – .

Authorities in the city of Columbus, Ohio, announced on Monday, December 28, the dismissal of the white police officer who shot and killed Andre Maurice Hill.

Killed by several bullets

Andre Maurice Hill, a Afro-American age 47, was in the garage of a house in Columbus,Ohio when Adam Coy opened fire on him last week.

The black man, who was unarmed, was shot several times and died of his injuries. Police attended the scene that day after receiving a call about a minor incident. The white policeman was suspended immediately after the fact, reports Le Figaro.

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“Analysis of the evidence justifies the dismissal”

Last Monday, local authorities announced the dismissal by Adam Coy. According to Columbus Police Chief Thomas Quinlan: “Analysis of the evidence justifies the dismissal.”

For his part, lawyer Ben Crump, who has already defended several families of African American victims including that of George Floyd, reacted to this drama by declaring: “The death of Andre Hill is another tragic example of the tendency of the police to view black people as dangerous or criminal.”

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