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The United States turned the page of Donald Trump’s government on Wednesday with the inauguration of the new president, Democrat Joe Biden, who in his first hours in the White House signed a package of measures to undo the legacy of his predecessor.

Trump woke up early and left the White House shortly after dawn in Washington, with the firm intention of breaking with two of the traditions that American democracy presumes: attending the inauguration of his successor and giving him the keys to the presidential residence. .

The former president left by helicopter for the Andrews military base, where Air Force One was waiting for him to take him for the last time to Florida, to the Mar-a-Lago mansion, where the Trumps have established their new residence.

Before leaving, Trump gave a short speech in which he left the door open to appear in 2024 while playing “I did it my way” (“I did it my way”) by Frank Sinatra; an act evaded by the leaders of the Republican Party, finally released.


Those Republican leaders preferred to accompany Biden to mass in the Catholic cathedral in Washington (Biden is only the second Catholic president in US history after John F. Kennedy) than to fire Trump, on whom they have turned their backs. in the last weeks after the taking of the Capitol.

Biden then traveled the soulless streets of Washington, filled only by journalists and a huge military deployment, to the Capitol to be sworn in as president number 46 just after Kamala Harris was sworn in as the first vice president in American history.

His speech was not a feat of public speaking like the ones Barack Obama used to deliver, nor did he surprise anyone with new promises, but it did serve to make clear that Biden’s benchmark for guiding the country goes back much further in American history. : the mandate of Franklin Delano Roosevelt (1933-1945), which pulled the US out of the Great Depression.

“We will be judged, you and I, by how we solve this cascade of crisis of our age. Will we rise to the occasion? Will we be able to overcome this strange and difficult hour?” Biden raised before the Capitol.

“The United States has been put to the test and we will come out stronger,” insisted the new president from the steps of the Capitol, where he called for an end to the “non-civil war” between Democrats and Republicans, progressives and Trump supporters.


After participating in formal acts and a military tribute, the new president arrived at the White House ready to stamp his signature on a package of 17 urgent measures, most of them aimed at undoing the legacy left by Trump.

Biden suspended the US exit from the World Health Organization (WHO), approved its re-entry into the Paris Climate Agreement, suspended the construction of the border wall with Mexico and ended the migratory veto to Muslim-majority countries .

He also introduced a comprehensive bill to regularize 11 million undocumented immigrants.


In parallel, Kamala Harris returned to the Senate two days after resigning her seat, but this time as Speaker of the Upper House, a position she holds as Vice President of the country.

Harris took the oath from the three new Democratic senators who joined the chamber and who now give the majority to Biden’s party in both legislative houses.

Senator Chuck Schumer relieved Republican Mitch McConnell, who has held office for the past six years, as Senate Majority Leader, opening the door for Biden to pass his legislative agenda.


The pandemic and the political crisis made that of Biden the most atypical investiture in remembrance, so the new president and the new first lady, Jill Biden, could not celebrate the traditional presidential balls either.

Instead, a spectacular television gala was organized with Tom Hanks as master of ceremonies and with the participation of Hollywood and the entertainment world, who laid out the red carpet for Biden, while the sky of Washington was covered with fireworks.

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