Up to 240 million Americans today will be able to decide whether to back Trump’s delusion

More than 240 million Americans today will be able to decide whether to back Donald Trump or give Democratic leader Joe Biden a chance. The elections in the USA they become the center of attention of the whole world.

Although the polls give an advantage, throughout the campaign, the Democrat – as happened with Hillary Clinton – Joe Biden, the Democratic candidate, will have to fight against the Deep America and denialism against the coronavirus.

But things are close, even as they seemed when Trump took on Clinton. The vless than four point lead from Democrats and the happened in the elections four years ago, It does not stop making the hair stand on end to more than half the world.


Even the most progressive media in the US – if there is progressivism in America – acknowledge that in recent days Biden’s voting intention has stalled and that Trump’s is on the rise.

The specter of defeat has the Democrats in suspense, according to the media in the US. At the moment, today ngoodbye would dare to give a result with which the world was wrong four years ago.

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