US Congress: three parliamentarians tested positive for Covid-19 – .

American elected officials are worried about a possible cluster in Congress after the invasion of the Capitol, Wednesday January 6.

A potential disaster

To the United States, parliamentarians are meeting this Wednesday January 14 to launch the impeachment procedure Donald trump, they are also worried about a potential disaster related to the Covid-19. Indeed, three of them tested positive for coronavirus, note RTL. They believe they caught the disease during the invasion of the Capitol by supporters of the outgoing president a week ago.

A democrat accuses

To be protected, Wednesday January 6, many elected officials met in the same room. A Democratic representative accused some of her colleagues who refused to wear the mask. According to him, too many Republicans have refused to take this pandemic seriously. “Hours after Donald Trump instigated a deadly attack, many Republicans still refused to take minimal precautions in a crowded room amid a pandemic“, she announced.

Republican elected officials

A video, which is circulating, shows, in fact, an elected Democrat offering masks to four Republican colleagues. However, the latter watch it while declining the offer. According to the channel, not only did they refuse the masks, but in addition, they made fun of those who offered them.


Since July, wearing a mask is supposed to be compulsory at the House of Representatives.
The newspaper Washington Post, formula that two elected Republicans have just announced that they are positive, but they did not find in the same room. Nancy Pelosi has, moreover, announced that the one who will not wear the mask Bedroom will pay $ 500 (around € 410) in fines, and $ 2,500 (around € 2,040) in the event of a repeat offense.

A day spreading the virus?

Outside the Congress, Wednesday, January 6 may accelerate the spread of coronavirus, since among the thousands of supporters of D. Trump, very few have worn masks. In addition, the participants came from all over the country: California, Arkansas and Texas. In addition, several passengers in the planes rebelled because they did not want to wear the mask. All these shortcomings worry the health authorities, because by returning home, the demonstrators could trigger other sources of contamination.

An already very worrying statistic

With 4,500 deaths recorded on Tuesday, the pandemic of coronavirus continues to hit hard United States. Potential new outbreaks could arise after the January 6 rallies, when the country has a total of 376,000 deaths, since the entry of the Covid-19.

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