US couple find 66 bottles of 100-year-old whiskey in their home – .

During the renovation of their home in Ames, New York, an American couple discovered 66 bottles of whiskey within their walls. The bottles were all over 100 years old.

100 year old bottles

Nick Drummond and Patrick Bakker bought a home in Ames, New York, United States, one year ago. The couple knew, at the time of purchase, that the building was over 100 years old. Formerly it belonged to a German called Earl Adolph Humpfner. The latter would be a specialist in alcohol smuggling.

Last September, Nick and Patrick discovered 66 bottles of whiskey in the exterior walls of their house, while they were doing a renovation. According to CNN, taken over by the site 20 minutes, these bottles dated from the time of prohibition to United States, in the 1920s and 1930s.

A bottle would be worth almost 840 euros

The former occupant of the premises had concealed dozens of bottles of whiskey Scottish in the house. According to the labels, this is the brand “Old Smuggler Gaelic“. The latter is still produced today.

Due to evaporation, several bottles were completely or partially empty. According to Nick Drummond, the value of each of the intact bottles was around $ 1,000, or around 840 euros. The couple say they want to sell the bottles and keep one so they can taste the contents.

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