US elections 2020 : After the intervention of Michelle Obama, Trump is unleashed against his opponents: “Joe Biden is the puppet of the radical left”

The day after the speech of the former First Lady and on the eve of that of his predecessor, the American president, in difficulty in the polls, multiplied the attacks against the “ObamaBiden”.

“Someone should explain to Michelle Obama that Donald Trump would not be there in the magnificent White House if her husband, Barack Obama, had not been president,” he tweeted.

For the second evening of this strange entirely virtual convention due to Covid-19, Bill Clinton, 73, will be featured. A video message from fellow former Democratic President Jimmy Carter, 95, will also be released.

The young star of Congress, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, figure of the left wing of the party and fierce opponent of the president, will only be entitled to a brief intervention.

Mr. Trump, who confirmed that he would deliver his speech at the end of the Republican convention from the gardens of the White House, joked about the beginnings of his adversaries: “Not the best moment on television ever”.

According to the Nielsen Institute, television audiences on the first Democratic night were significantly lower than in 2016: 18.7 million viewers, compared to 25.9 million four years earlier.

Accused of having widened the gap between two Americas, a “red” (Republican) and a “blue” (Democrat), Donald Trump responded tit for tat. “People forget how divided our country was under ObamaBiden,” he added, saying he was a “unifier”.

Claiming to have “saved millions of lives” and ensuring that he is in the process of rebuilding “an economy even stronger than before”, he brushed aside criticism of his management of the Covid-19 pandemic which has kills more than 170,000 in the United States.

“Jobs abound, the NASDAQ has already reached records, the rest will follow!”, He promised two and a half months before the election, during which he will run for a second four-year term.

“Beyond socialism”

In a very personal indictment, former First Lady Michelle Obama, who enjoys stainless popularity in the Democratic camp, denounced Monday evening “the total lack of empathy” of the current tenant of the White House.

Calling for the rally behind Joe Biden, she insisted he would speak “the truth” and “trust the science”.

Donald Trump, who largely built his 2016 success on his taste for podiums, his ability to play with crowds, also spoke at length about the fact that Michelle Obama had not spoken live.

“Not only had it been recorded, but it had been recorded a long time ago because she did not have the good death toll (from Covid-19)”, he insisted.

“Unlike Michelle Obama, I will be live. It’s always much better live,” he added, referring to his speech, scheduled for Thursday, August 27.

Anxious not to let the Democrats monopolize all the media attention, the former New York businessman continues to crisscross the United States, concentrating his efforts on the key States.

After Minnesota and Wisconsin on Monday, he traveled to Iowa on Tuesday morning, before joining Arizona in the afternoon.

He renewed, on this occasion, his attacks every day more aggressive towards the one he systematically affixes the mocking nickname of “Sleepy Joe” (“Joe asleep”).

“Joe Biden is the puppet of the radical left,” he said. “It goes beyond socialism”.

“China absolutely wants him to win! Iran absolutely wants him to win!” He said to applause, posing an intractable negotiator.